Welcome to the Wanari tech blog, Wanari Leaks!


We are a team of 25 – mobile and web devs alike –¬†and created this blog to geek out with you! (ATTN: If you don’t care for code and would like to learn generally about software development and services, check out #WanariBuzz!)


We are fond of quite a few topics, and we categorize our posts accordingly:


  • Backends & web frontends:
    • Scala,
    • Java,
    • AngularJS,
    • Play Framework,
    • Spring,…
  • Native Mobile Apps:
    • Android,
    • RxJava,
    • Dagger,
    • iOS,
    • Swift,
    • ReactiveCocoa, …


So if you have any questions to be answered, remarks to be addressed, or footnotes to be added, make use of our comment sections!


And… this is us:

(well, the ones who showed up on our picture day, anyway)

Mobile developers & backend developers on Picture Day

Mobile developers & backend developers on Picture Day


After all we are coders, not copywriters, but we do our best to come up with a fun and/or informational topic every week! If you have some ideas, let us know!


Keep in touch!





A team of 38. backend developers, frontend developers mobile application developers, all under on roof. Scala, Java, Angular, Play framework, iOS, Android, Kotlin, Swift, beer!

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